Debra Tendler

Company Leicht LA

Contribution AIRE, Cabinet Maker

Style that Endures

Leicht LA came onto the scene in February of 2014, bringing Debra Tendler’s lifelong dream swiftly into reality. Having lived in Israel since her teens, Debra worked in the design industry for a decade before arriving in Los Angeles to open her showroom, Kitchen Works LA, the exclusive dealer of Leicht cabinetry. With endless finish options, a signature contemporary aesthetic and excellent flexibility in addressing client wishes, this German line of fully customizable, modular cabinets are made from eco-safe, sustainable materials. Such variety leads to much popularity — Leicht’s factory in Germany produces 1,200 cabinets every day.

Tasked with capturing and playing with the natural light throughout the AIRE residences, Leicht LA worked with Palisades to choose a glossy, white cabinet, built as much for its sleek style as for its reliable durability.