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If there’s one thing to be said about living in California, it’s never about the abundance of cloud coverage. It’s about the sunny life and beautiful weather (and hot new brokerages, in some cases).

Santa Monica living is embracing the sun a little more with the forthcoming development, AIRE Santa Monica boutique condos. The project is heralded by Palisades, a Los Angeles-based real estate firm, which tapped JFAK Architects for the design.

AIRE Santa Monica lets the sun shine in

Located at 1433 14th St., the condos are just off Santa Monica Boulevard and approximately 1.4 miles from the beach, with a straight shot to the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.

“We set out to create a living environment that the future of Santa Monica could connect with on a number of levels,” JFAK Architects co-founder Alice Klimm said. “With nature, comfort and community in mind, we created airy yet contemporary living spaces that allowed the city’s one-of-a-kind vibe to elegantly come to life.”

JFAK designed a three-building development encompassing an outdoor community space for the garden level apartments. There are a total of nine first-story units that each share the outdoor space. There are also nine split-level townhomes in the community that share split-rooftop decks.

The garden level units offer two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The townhomes have three bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is one additional garden townhome, with three bedrooms and four bathrooms spread across three levels.

One of the characteristics JFAK wanted to focus on was the how natural light could be maximized through the community. In examining this, the architects raised the ceilings and added clerestory windows to allow light to blanket the rooms.

JFAK then supplied each unit with upwards of 800 square feet of outdoor space.

When and how

The price of the units start at $900,000, and sales are expected to begin later this year. The Agency and Partner Trusts are the broker and marketing firms handling the development.

Each luxury unit features Viking brand appliances in the kitchen and hardwood floors throughout.

“We purposely designed each home in accordance with Santa Monica’s light patterns, and we welcomed the beautiful effect that light has on each room throughout the day. Since this was such an integral part of Palisades’ vision, we worked to hand-select the finest finishes and fixtures,” Klimm said.

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