Ken Martin

Company Public Bikes

Contribution AIRE, Supplier

Commuting in Color

Upon witnessing the bike-filled streets of Amsterdam — the simplicity, the practicality, the utter lack of pricey gear — the makers of Public Bikes knew what American streets needed. With Mike’s Bikes CEO Ken Martin at the helm, the company is dedicated to getting as many bikes on the road as it can, shipping easy-to-use, 99%-assembled bicycles in a variety of styles and eye-popping colors all over the United States.

But it’s not all about looks. In addition to good design and a careful balance of form and function, Public Bikes touts a greater vision: Bike-able communities make for happier lifestyles. People can explore better on two wheels; they can connect more easily with the places they call home. This perspective, of course, made their single-speed model ideal for the easy-to-cruise landscape of Santa Monica.