Martijn Roordink

Company Spaces

Contribution 730 Arizona, Tenant

A Workplace Revolution

The Amsterdam-born company Spaces is the world’s pioneer of the lifestyle-driven work environment. What does that mean exactly? According to the ever-expanding firm’s philosophy “Inspire to Work,” it means a total reconfiguration of traditional ideas surrounding work, including placing a real focus on community and building relationships. It means ditching yesterday’s cubicle in favor of face-to-face collaboration, palpable office energy and refreshing outdoor green spaces.

Founded in 2006 by Martijn Roordink, Spaces was created to complement a global transition; a fast-approaching change from traditional office buildings where workers toiled in figurative silos to an ecosystem of shared ideas. With successful offices in New York, London, Toronto, San Francisco and Melbourne, it’s clear the drift toward more efficient and social work spaces is not a trend, but a rising — and welcome — reality.